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Step Two: Select a mounting style for your flagpole.
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Step One

Acme/Lingo Aluminum Flagpoles

mounting style flagpoles Aluminum flagpoles are the most popular type flagpole because of their durability, strength, variety of possible finishes, and economical price. Acme/Lingo aluminum flagpoles are made from seamless Alloy 6063-T6 and are designed in accordance with the ANSI/NAAMM FP1001-97 Standard. They are tapered conically and machine polished to a satin finish. Flagpoles up to 38'-6" are shipped in one piece. Over 38'-6" poles are shipped in multiple sections with factory fitted, self-aligning, internal splicing sleeves that do not require field welding.
    Ground Set Flagpoles
    Ground set flagpoles are mounted using the foundation sleeve or anchor bolt methods

    Wall Mounted Flagpoles
    Wall mounted flagpoles are available in both vertical and outrigger styles with a variety of brackets and bases.

    Roof Mounted Flagpoles
    Roof mounted flagpoles are available in a vertical style.
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