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Since 1897, the Lingo Family has been supplying commercial flagpoles across the continental United States. Our reputation has been built by offering high quality flagpoles, flagpole parts, and competitive pricing for over 115 years.

Additionally, we provide flagpole installations and maintenance services within 100 miles of our New Jersey headquarters. Our experienced staff is responsive and committed to meeting your exact specifications, on time and every time. With our in-house production facilities, we offer quick turnaround times, with an emphasis on quality and customer service.

Acme Lingo helps architects, designers and contractors with all aspects of their commercial flagpole requirements. With its depth of experience in the designing and manufacturing of commercial flagpoles, Acme Lingo also assists in the foundation analysis, design of multifaceted flagpole mountings and impacts of design at wind speeds.

Call us today at 800-260-1897 with any questions or for a fast quote turnaround.

To match architects, designers and contractors to the exact commercial flagpoles required, the "Build a Flagpole" tool is indispensable and uncomplicated to use. Take a few minutes and choose materials, mounting styles, fittings and ropes or types of winches, and be provided with a custom spec sheet with pictures and a wind-load map specific to the area your flagpole is to be installed.
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1865 Route 206, Southampton, NJ Phone: 1-800-260-1897 or Fax: 1-609-801-1900
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