selecting a flagpole

Residential Flagpole Installation Instructions

All poles that are shipped UPS are multi-section. Please follow the instructions below for assembly.

Step # 2a:

Each pole section is marked either top, middle, or bottom. Locate each section and lay pole out on the ground in that order. Once in order, remove all wrappings

Place middle section on saw horses and slip top section over the hourglass shaped portion of the middle section until it is tight. (the sections will NOT close all the way up at this point.

Slip the hourglass portion of the bottom section into the lower end of the middle section until tight.

Brace the lower end of the pole against a fixed object such as a wall or a tree. (place a block of wood between the object and the pole to prevent damage)

Place another block of wood against the top of the pole and drive the sections together with a hammer.

Continue to step 3.

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