selecting a flagpole

Step Four: Select a rope and wench style for your flagpole.
Click the hyperlink associated with each rope and wench style to view your results.

Final Step

Acme/Lingo Aluminum Internal Halyard Flagpoles

Acme/Lingo provides internal halyard systems in both the rope and winch style. Each system provides you with added security for locations where the flag is flown unattended 24 hours a day. Also, you eliminate the rope slapping sound of the standard external halyard flagpole.

    Rope Internal Halyard System
    The more economical of the two systems, Acme/Lingo Rope Internal Halyard Systems use internal rope halyards, standard brass swivel snaps and a jam cleat assembly.

    Winch Internal Halyard System
    Made to be long lasting and virtually maintenance free, Acme/Lingo Winch Internal Halyard systems use a stainless steel cable halyard, stainless steel flag snaps and a stainless steel gearless winch assembly.
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