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Material: Steel Mounting Style: Optional

Acme Lingo

Acme/Lingo Steel Flagpoles

Acme/Lingo has the ability to supply steel flagpoles in both the cone and Entasis tapered designs. We can supply steel in diameters from 2.5" O.D. to 24" O.D. and in thicknesses up to .500" on some diameters. All Acme/Lingo Steel Flagpoles are available with internal or external halyards and a variety of painted and galvanized finishes. Heights are available to 125'.

Acme/Lingo offers the following types of steel flagpoles:

  • Ground Set steel flagpole
  • Vertical Wall Mounted steel flagpole
  • Roof Mounted steel flagpole - shoe base and mandrel mounted

Please contact us for more information on Acme/Lingo Tapered Steel Flagpoles

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